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     Reading out loud increases
    vocabulary and attention span.  It also
    introduces children to new topics and authors.

    Scholastic book fair - March 2-6

    Feb. 23 - 3rd grade to Purdue
    Feb. 27 - 2nd grade Pioneer Day
    I-STEP  starts March 2
    Talent Show March 19

Frontier Elementary School
Frontier Enrollment on Upswing!
The enrollment at Frontier Schools continues to increase despite neighbors to our borders experiencing declining enrollment.  Our September 2014 official count date (the date on which school funding is calculated), the district experienced an increase of 17 students over the same count day on September 2013.  This past February 2, 2105 was an additional count date which showed Frontier Schools increasing another 8 students.  This enrollment trend is excitingly beating projections this year!  

Transfer forms will be mailed home around spring break to those parents who elect to bring their children to Frontier, for the 2015-2016 school year.  With 76 transfer 'in' students (over 10% of our enrollment), it is easy to see that Frontier remains a top choice for parents who live in and around our area!  We know that great things happen every day at Frontier, and we are sure proud to show it!

Cathy Rowe

Frontier Improvements
The School Board has worked in recent months to plan for further improvements to all facilities in the Frontier School Corporation and to complete those projects that were not selected in our last building project due to cost.  Improvements slated include; an advanced media lab at the junior/senior high school, safety upgrades to both schools, signage to both schools, outdoor lighting improvements, energy savings projects at both buildings, locker room addition with large group area (could be weight room) at junior/senior high school, renovating the white barn (football concession, restrooms, locker room), shower improvements to junior/senior high school, auditorium improvements, music/band room at junior/senior high school improvements, vocational equipment, administrative center improvements, preschool playground remodeling, and storage building with pressbox area for girls softball field.
Click here for a copy of the Gibraltar plans for improvements they will be involved in.

Frontier eLearning Parent Feedback Collection Form
Parents, we would appreciate your feedback on our recent eLearning days due to inclement weather last week.  Information gathered from this form will help us make improvements and provide valuable about how the experience went at home.  We will close the survey by Friday, January 30th, so please take time to complete the survey:  

Here is the link to the survey:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1p6V7Z-WOMjE4zr8fLNlKdwrqJ91kvleL9aD5sh-8AYY/viewform?c=0&w=1

Frontier Schools Highlighted by WTHR (13) Indianapolis News for Innovative eLearning
The Frontier School Corporation was recently highlighted by WTHR (13) Indianapolis for their use of a traditional snow day's eLearning.  Mr. Hettinger, Frontier Jr/Sr High School principal spoke about the district's expectation for student completion of work and attendance requirements.  Senior Jacquie Chitty was also highlighted and interviewed as to her experience from a student's perspective in utilizing an eLearning day and the benefits of online learning as well as potential challenges.

You can view the news story by clicking here: http://www.wthr.com/story/27785328/schools-use-cold-day-to-try-out-e-learning

eLearning Letter to Parents
Please check out our new eLearning tab on each of our school's websites for valuable information concerning Frontier Schools' eLearning Option.

Click here for eLearning Letter to Parents

Congratulations Frontier Elementary School!  FES was recently awarded by the Indiana Department of Education an "A" School rating
Frontier Elementary is proud once again to be named an "A" school from the Indiana Department of Education.  Teachers, Faculty and Staff should be commended on the hard work, dedication and care they have exhibited in ensuring our students are successful!

Internet Essentials from Comcast
Internet Essentials from Comcast offers low-cost Internet service, computer equipment and free digital literacy training to families with at least one child eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program.  Internet Essentials is $9.95/month plus tax.   Here is the link to the Internet Essentials program:  http://www.internetessentials.com/   Other Internet providers may provide this same service so please inquire with them as well.  This is just one resource for parents to explore if they do not have Internet at home

2014-2015 School Year Starts Off on Positive Note

The 2014-2015 school year is in full swing and it hasn't taken our students long to get back into the swing of school!  How energizing it is to see all of those bright, sming faces again eager to head off to their first days of school again!  

Important dates:

Please join us at Frontier Schools!

The Frontier School Corporation is now accepting student transfer requests for the 2014-2015 schoolyear.  Those families seeking a student focused, high expectations, and caring educational experience for their children are encouraged to complete a White County Annual Request for Transfer form located under the Information tab of our Frontier website.  

We welcome new families to learn more about how the Frontier School Corporation is a great fit for both students and families!  We would be happy to give you a guided tour and discuss ways in which we can plan for your child's individual needs!

Frontier Schools; Safety First

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Frontier Schools Video

See what all of the excitement is about!

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We are an A school !!!!!

Reminders ---

It may still be Fall, but the winter weather has arrived.  Please dress children warmly - winter coats, mittens and hats.
Check lost and found for lunch boxes, jackets, and various other items.

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