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2014-2015 School Year Starts Off on Positive Note
The 2014-2015 school year is in full swing and it hasn't taken our students long to get back into the swing of school!  How energizing it is to see all of those bright, smiling faces again eager to head off to their first days of school again!  

As we continue to find ways to improve what we do for the betterment of our students, this year you may notice some changes.  We have worked with bus drivers to redesign bus routes to alleviate dual dismissal at the Elementary and are implementing a delayed start on Wednesday mornings at the Junior/Senior High School by moving the SRT period to first hour, in order to provide teachers with uninterrupted professional development while students are monitored in small groups for remediation, having tests read, and receiving extra homework support.  

Here is some information from Ms. Jacoby concerning the changes in bus routes:

Dear Parent or Guardian:

I am writing hoping this will answer any questions you will have on why some of the buses have been later or earlier this yearSome bus routes were changed this year in order to eliminate students arriving at the high school 40 minutes before class starts and to eliminate students waiting for a "late bus" 35 minutes after school let out at the elementary.  Some student ride times changed...some increased while some decreased.  Bus drivers were part of the planning process for this change as it was discussed in the spring of  2013 and May of 2014.  Drivers worked together with administration to adjust routes.  As with any change, there are some bugs to be worked out and we will continue to monitor and review the change.
Jennifer Jacoby

Important dates:

AR Family Reading Night  Oct. 1   5:30 - 7:00

Please join us at Frontier Schools!

The Frontier School Corporation is now accepting student transfer requests for the 2014-2015 schoolyear.  Those families seeking a student focused, high expectations, and caring educational experience for their children are encouraged to complete a White County Annual Request for Transfer form located under the Information tab of our Frontier website.  

We welcome new families to learn more about how the Frontier School Corporation is a great fit for both students and families!  We would be happy to give you a guided tour and discuss ways in which we can plan for your child's individual needs!

Frontier Schools; Safety First

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We are an A school !!!!!

Reminders ---

Just a reminder - please make sure your child has socks for P.E.  For safety reasons, please make sure shoes have a heel strap.

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